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      Services and features

      Open URL

      Japan Link Center(JaLC) can receive the metadata of an article in OpenURL (ver 1.0) format and show its abstract page in English or Japanese(as an OpenURL target). See the NISO site for more information on what OpenURL is

      How to link

      Send a set of URL-encoded metadata by the following metadata key and value pairs to the BaseURL (through GET or POST):

      Type of Metadata
      No. Name Parameter Description Note
      1 ISSN rft.issn Print ISSN One of these are mandatory (ISSN and other codes will be used firstly) In XXXX-XXXX format
      2 Electronic ISSN rft.eissn Electronic ISSN In XXXX-XXXX format
      3 CODEN rft.coden CODEN
      4 Journal title rft.jtitle Publication title
      5 Published date (year) rft.date Published date (year) either mandatory In YYYY format
      6 Volume number rft.volume Volume number
      7 Number of issue rft.issue Number of issue Optional
      8 Page numbers rft.pages either mandatory tie with a hyphen
      9 Starting page rft.spage Starting page
      10 Ending page rft.epage Ending page Optional
      11 Name of vender and service requesting the link res_id Name of vender and service requesting the link Mandatory for systematic users*.

      If you are planning linking from a site with massive users, please consult us.

      Sample URL
      By ISSN with language selection
      By English title
      [Before URL-encoding:https://japanlinkcenter.org/openurl?rft.jtitle=Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin&rft.volume=29&rft.spage=1319]
      • Journal titles in Japanese should be encoded in UTF-8.

      • An error will be returned when the system get multiple hits or cannot specify the article (with a link to the journal top page for J-STAGE journals).

      • Use of all of the available metadata is recommended for improved linking.

      • Not all articles on J-STAGE are linkable.

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