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      J-STAGE Overview

      J-STAGE Overview

      What is J-STAGE?

      J-STAGE is an electronic journal platform for science and technology information in Japan, developed and managed by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). J-STAGE aims to accelerate the speed of communication and ensure the internationalization of the science and technology information published in Japan. By providing an online publication platform, J-STAGE supports Japanese societies and research organizations, and has published more than 2,000 journals, conference proceedings and other academic publications with high speeds at low costs.

      J-STAGE offers support to publishers in the form of the entire publication process, from submission and peer-review process to publishing. J-STAGE users can also access and create their own libraries of information anytime and anywhere with the assistance of J-STAGE. These libraries can be used on multiple devices.

      On the Journal@rchive initiative (Preserving intellectual property in Japan)

      JST had launched a project named "Journal@rchive" in 2002. This project entails electronically archiving older, historically important paper-based Japanese journals from their first issue to the latest.

      We have successfully archived 664 journals within 5 years since 2009. We published the archived journals on the Journal@rchive website globally, and made available the past important publications to the general public worldwide. This archive includes papers authored by Nobel Prize winners such as Hideki Yukawa, Shinichiro Tomonaga, and Kenichi Fukui, and other famous scientists such as Hantaro Nagaoka, Johkichi Takamine, and Umetaro Suzuki.

      Journal@rchive STORIES

      The website of Journal@rchive is now integrated with J-STAGE, and you can browse all the publications from the first volume/issue onwards on this platform.

      Publication type

      Publications on J-STAGE are categorized as following:

      • Journals
      • Proceedings
      • Research Report/Technical Report
      • Magazines
      • Others

      Subject Area

      Publications on J-STAGE has a wide variety of academic fields.

      Basic Sciences
      Mathematics / Physics / Chemistry / Earth Sciences and Astronomy
      Life Sciences
      Biology, Life Sciences and Basic Medicine / Agriculture and Food Sciences
      Medical and Health Sciences
      General Medicine, Social Medicine, and Nursing Sciences / Clinical Medicine / Dentistry / Pharmaceutical Sciences
      Engineering and Technology
      Engineering in General / Nanosciences and Materials Sciences / Architecture and Civil Engineering / Mechanical Engineering / Electrical and Electronic Engineering
      Interdisciplinary Sciences
      Information Sciences / Environmental Sciences / Interdisciplinary Sciences
      Humanities and Social Sciences
      Philosophy, Religion / Literature, Language & Linguistics and Art / Anthropology, History and Geography / Law, Political Sciences / Economics, Business & Management / Sociology / Psychology, Education

      Promotion of open access

      J-STAGE promotes "open access", which consists of (1) free access to articles and (2) specifying the scope of reuse like modification or redistribution. Over 90% of articles on J-STAGE are free to read. Articles displaying a CC license can be reused under the terms of the license.

      CC license on an article page
      CC license on an article page
      CC license on a full text PDF
      CC license on a full text PDF

      Please see Creative Commons website external link(external link) for more information about CC license.

      What J-STAGE can do for you

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